Konrad Malik

Konrad Malik

Toronto, ON, Canada

Konrad Malik attended high school in Toronto and, while there, focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. After graduation, he chose not to go to college, as many of his peers did, but to make his own way and explore some of the emerging fields of technology.

Konrad was drawn to the world of 3-D printing and related technologies. At the time, 3-D printing was used primarily in industrial environments. With his background in science and engineering and his natural creativity, Konrad created a number of new concepts and applications for 3-D printing. He saw a need for innovation and worked to achieve new breakthroughs.

Konrad established RapidMake 3D Printing, a technology business based in Toronto. RapidMake 3D Printing works with large manufacturing companies to deliver 3-D printing services and provides high-tech 3-D printers that are accessible for home consumers as well.

During a 10-year period of innovation, Konrad and RapidMake 3-D Printing adapted the 3-D printing technology that had formerly been available only within the domain of heavy-industrial development, and transformed it into a technology that was user-friendly and approachable enough for home use. In that time, Konrad worked hard, going to trade conferences and shows, to demonstrate how 3-D printing technology could be used to decrease production and transportation costs. Konrad has enjoyed seeing how artists and other makers are putting 3-D printing technology to creative use.

RapidMake 3-D Printing’s services are available to clients in a number of different fields: drafting, engineering, medicine, art, advertising, architecture and construction. The company offers additive-based manufacturing contracts through its headquarters, located in Toronto.

Konrad Malik’s business acumen has allowed him to develop a sophisticated approach to the world of technology. He prizes intellectual privacy, innovation, and creativity. Konrad continues to develop new and exciting concepts related to 3-D printing and additive manufacturing, and he stays abreast of breakthroughs and developments in the 3-D printing field. He is passionate about solving problems and helping others utilize the power of 3-D printing.


Konrad Malik